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The currently supported feedback the audience can send (this can be easily extended) is:
  • The usual "I can not read the screen from the back!": have seen this one happening in almost every session, the font size is too small for people on the back to read code for example. And -why not- it could be the case that the font size is too big. The way of expressing this feedback is:
  • #sessionid font too small
  • #sessionid font too big

- Is the talk entertained/informative enough or is it just plain boring? Did you like the demo just shown? Does the speaker know what he's talking about? You can express this by sending:
  • #sessionid is cool
  • #sessionid is not cool

You only have one vote but you can change it as will. The last vote you sent will be the considered one. Say the talk did start a little bit boring? You can send "is not cool", some time after, the speaker shows some great demos? You change your mood and you send now "is cool".

- Is the speaker assuming too many stuff and going really faaaast? Or maybe is taking ages on each slide? You can send the following feedback:
  • #sessionid too fast
  • #sessionid too slow

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