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Update: The source code has been updated for Beta 2 of Visual Studio. If you're still using Beta 1, the last working changeset for that version is changeset 28085.

Demo Dashboard is an extension for Visual Studio 2010 that leverages the new managed WPF-based editor by offering different WPF-based gadgets that use the Twitter service to allow for real-time interactions between a speaker and the audience.

You can downlodad the bits right within VS! Go to Tools->Extension Manager->Online Gallery and search for DemoDashboard: click, click, done!
If you're an old-fashioned guy you can fire up your browser, go to and download the VSIX file to your desktop, then double-click on it and done.

How does this thing work?

Can I develop my own gadgets?

What's not there yet?

Who is using Demo Dashboard?

The team: Catherine Crim (Microsoft), Sam Gazitt (Microsoft), Victor Garcia Aprea (Clarius Consulting), Adrian Alonso (Clarius Consulting) and Joaquin Jares (Clarius Consulting). YES, it took all these people to build this thing!

All the cool graphics were contributed by

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